Introduction to CS Course- 100% Online

Before the pandemic restricted us from leaving our houses, the Girls in Computer Science Club at Del Norte High School held 3 successful workshops at our local library, in which we taught the basics of the C language to kids in grades 5-8. Unfortunately, we were unable to teach more workshops at the library and about a month has passed since we saw all of the incredibly bright students that attended. We know that many students were interested in continuing to learn C, so we created an 8-week course to teach the fundamentals of C. 


What you can expect from this course

We will be reviewing everything we have already taught in our first meeting (on 4/18/2020 from 4-6 PM), so if you did not come to our library workshops, you'll do just fine catching up. This meeting is very important to attend all who are participating in this course! Please make sure to reach out if there is no way you can make it. 

We will provide meeting links and assign weekly homework via email and you will be able to see recordings of all previous lessons (as well as extra videos on certain topics) on our website:

During our meetings, we will have at least two teachers attending to lecture and help guide students through lessons, and we are available during the week if people would like additional help. 

If you did not attend the library workshops, do not feel discouraged! We are here to help and would love to have you in our class. 

Please sign up with this link, and you will receive an email with the first meeting link before 4/18/20.

Dates and Times

April 18th, 2020: 4-6 PM PST

April 25th, 2020: 4-5 PM PST

May 2nd, 2020: 4-5 PM PST

May 9, 2020: 4-5 PM PST

May 16, 2020: 4-5 PM PST

May 23, 2020: 4-5 PM PST

May 30, 2020: 4-5 PM PST

June 6, 2020: 4-5 PM PST

Frequently asked questions:

1. Is this course free? 

    Yes. 100% free-- we hope you'll join us!

2. Can boys participate?

    Yes. Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender!

3. What happens if I can't make a meeting?

    All of our meetings are recorded, all you'll need to do is watch and complete the weekly assignment. We are always available via email. 

4. If I'm a year or two older than your given age range, can I participate?

    Yes, of course! We create and teach at the pace of children in grades 5-8 but if you are willing to adjust to this pace and teaching style, you are

    more than welcome to join. (NOTE- You must be a student in grades 1-12)

In order to join us in this course, you'll NEED TO

ONLY SIGN UP FOR ONE DATE- WE WILL ADD YOU TO THE MAILING LIST FOR ALL 8 DATES. You will not miss out on any information! We only need your contact information once. 

Please understand that the meetings will be recorded, and you must abide by the Terms of Use or you will be removed from the course. 

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