November 2020 Hackathon

About this event: 

On November 21, 2020, the DNHS Girls in Computer Science team hosted a virtual hackathon for middle schoolers interested in computer science.   

Resources (Created by Girls in CS Members!)

Event FAQs: 

How will we contact via discord? There will be a Discord voice and text channel for you and your team to communicate through and you can also contact volunteers and other teams through other channels on the server. 

The person I want in my group has a different skill level than me, but I still want them in my group. Yes whoever you specify as someone you want on your team will be on your team.

Will it likely require the full 24 hours? It depends on the communication of your teammates as well as the background knowledge that you have. You do NOT have to be on a call for 24 hours to prove that you participated. You simply have to 

How much group work is there? (Will it all be group work?) Everyone will be in a team so everyone will work in a team for this hackathon. 

Is the group work on Zoom? You and your group can independently decide whether you do a group call on a different platform. However, there are provided utilities such as a Discord voice and text channel to communicate with your team. The Discord server details are included in this email. 

What will we be doing during the event exactly? You and your team will be creating a coding project (under any category using any skills with any computer-science or web-design related platform) in under 24 hours. The judges will choose winners based on the project submissions. 

What will the projects be like? Anything! We are leaving it open ended so you can create any project with code that you want.

How will we submit the projects? There will be a channel on discord where you can submit your project.

Does the code have to be a website or can it be an application? It can be both, or it can be a game, or a program, or a… can really be anything you and your group create! 

Can we only start programming starting November 21st? You can begin planning, outlining, finding code snippets before November 21st at 12 pm PST; however, you can only begin collaborating with your group and synthesizing your ‘research’ into cohesive code at that time.