At She Can Code, we frequently hold outreach events for students in K-12 to encourage their exploration of computer science. For the time being, all events will be virtual. Take a look at event curricula & recaps below!

2020 Events

Testimonials From Our Students

"This camp was well organized and executed. I enjoyed working with my friends to learn coding!"


"I learned a lot from this camp - it's fun, educational, and challenging, and I learnt more by dedicating my own time to python. If you practice and enjoy learning coding, you'll get the hang of python and it's logistics in no time!" 

"During this hackathon, there were 2 things I wanted to do. First, I wanted to learn. This hackathon passed that with flying colors. I learned SO much about registry I never ever knew before. Second, I wanted to have fun. The hackathon fulfilled that wish. It was so intense, and fun working with team mates to make a project."