At She Can Code, we value interactions with students. Instilling a drive for creating equality at a young age is vital to creating progress. Our members have developed many lesson outlines and projects over the past few years and we are making all material public. Students can use this to self learn, and volunteers/teachers can use this to guide lessons. We strongly encourage high school students to similarly use this content to hold events of their own. 

See event curricula here. 

All curricula is created for a virtual environment, which presents its own challenges when it comes to keeping students engaged, encouraging collaboration, and ensuring learning. Some teaching tips:

- Use breakout rooms and visit them frequently! Having students work in teams can help them overcome issues that they cannot individually tackle. Additionally, it can provide them with a sense of community, which is not common virtually. 

- Provide incentives! Create a point system or have group competitions. We suggest providing students with a prize at the end of the event (Ex: virtual certificates, features, or exclusive resources)

- Bring the energy! Keep your students engaged by asking them questions and project the energy you want them to reciprocate.

Feel free to email us for more advice/if you have any questions. We're here to help!