At She Can Code, we aim to create gender equality in the computer science industry and guide students along their CS journey. All events and resources are created to assist students in establishing a confidence in their abilities and expanding their knowledge.


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She Can Code is maintained by the Del Norte Girls in Computer Science club. Members create curriculum, write blogs, and host virtual events. 



She Can Code Founder & DNHS Girls in Computer Science President

In 2019, Anika Sood founded She Can Code as a part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project, dedicated to bridging the gender gap in computer science. Over the years, she has developed CS curricula and worked with hundreds of students across the globe. Anika enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for computer science with all students and is passionate about creating diversity within the field. She currently leads the She Can Code team and is continuing to expand her reach as the Girls in Computer Science club president. Anika is certain that equality within the computer science industry is achievable and she will continue to strive towards that reality.



DNHS Girls in Computer Science Vice President


May joined Girls in CS with the goal to contribute to a safe environment for girls to explore the world of computer science. She shares her vast knowledge of programming languages and passion for coding with the kids in her community by organizing and participating in events hosted by GICS. So far, she has helped lead Hackathons, online boot camps, and C lessons. She has experience in tutoring, and she hopes to encourage girls to pursue a career in STEM in order to close the gender gap in the industry.



Director of Outreach


As the Head of Outreach, Satyam takes pride in leading community initiatives to educate more young students of all genders in the increasingly popular field of computer science. With a comprehensive background in public policy, political science and applied mathematics, Satyam plans to use his problem-solving mindset and wide toolkit of skills to increase diverse viewpoints in all sectors of the workforce



Girls in CS member

Sarika is a junior at Del Norte High School. She is a technology enthusiast and has helped run SCC events through the outreach team, working with Python on basic and advanced levels She also enjoys experimenting with Java, HTML, CSS, and bash shell, having taken AP compsci A her sophomore year. Sarika hopes to go into biomedical or biological engineering after high school.



Girls in CS Event Coordinator

Meena is a sophomore at Del Norte High School and the Event Coordinator for the Girls in CS club. She enjoys coding in different languages, including Python and Java. She has helped organize events such as the Girls in CS Hackathon, guest speaker events, and coding workshops for local students. Through the outreach team, she hopes to continue sharing her passion for computer science and inspiring students to have an interest in STEM.

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Girls in CS member + SCC Web Developer

Aidan has many passions, but computer science unites them all. Though he's unsure if he wants to be a web developer, graphics programmer, security builder, or just a teacher, he knows he'll invest in programming somehow. Currently interested in modding video games and contributing to Girls In Computer Science. 



Girls in CS member

As a member, Rini helped teach students Python basics during the Python Summer Bootcamp that Girls in CS ran. She was also a helper for She Can Code’s 2020 Hackathon and made tutorial videos to guide the students. She hopes to improve her programming skills, and continue to help others learn code and become better programmers.



Girls in CS member

Rebecca has been working with SCC since 2019. She is a diligent volunteer who contributed to the coding curriculum and has also taught lessons and assisted students at numerous workshops. Rebecca is extremely passionate about computer science and continues to strengthen her skills and share them with others