Congratulations to the Hackathon Winners! 

A message from the event organizers:

This was a great weekend and an awesome event with many amazing competitors. So many students grew in these past 24 hours as programmers, as collaborators, and, most importantly, as individuals. Our many volunteers were torn to decide which team deserves the prizes of ‘best presentation’, ‘most creative’, and ‘overall winner’. Just a reminder: these winners get a certificate, featured on the website, and access to a special channel on this server where they can ask about the progression from middle to high school and beyond in the San Diego area, with the overall winner getting an extra prize.

Overall Winner : Team 6- Risha and Taanvi

This team exhibited elements of creativity and demonstration that were superb, but they stood apart in their technical abilities, communication, research, and cohesiveness.

This team additionally invested time in ensuring that the entire team was on the same page to create a project that set a high bar for future hackathons and GiCS/SCC events.

Most creative: Team 2- Aadit, Anthony, Jadon, and Pahan

We saw that the team with the most creative project was one that exemplified exorbitant amounts of innovation, creativity, and brought youthful imagination to create a well-demonstrated product. This team, while not the overall winner, was a close tie for second due to the amazing complexity and innovation that helped it stand out.

Best Presentation: Team 3- David, Lance, and Chenjia

This team exceeded our expectations in professionalism and demonstration. Their collaboration throughout and with each other resulted in a project that we are proud to say happened in these past 24 hours. These students pitched their idea extremely well, and managed to overcome the closing time limit as they presented.